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1. Hearing / Survey

We will visit the site by asking about various conditions and wishes such as business type, scale, schedule.

2. Design work cost

   Design schedule proposal

After hearings and site visits, we will propose work costs and design schedules.

3. Basic plan

   Concept design proposal

We will share the overall design image by presenting planning proposals, flat layouts, concept images, etc. 

4. Basic plan

   Concept design proposal

The completed image is embodied with a set of drawings, CG perspective, etc.  

At the same time, we will create a quotation book and explain the quotation to the construction company.

5. Implementation design / cost adjustment

We will continue to study the contents based on the basic design and create a detailed purchase order.  

We will adjust the cost according to your final budget and wishes. 

6. Furniture / equipment design and selection

We select ready-made products for furniture and equipment, and consistently create purchase orders. 

7. Design supervision / completion inspection

We will supervise the design in cooperation with the site supervisor from the start of construction to the completion so that the construction will be carried out correctly based on our design drawings.  

Even after delivery, we will ask you for consultations on maintenance and renewal. 

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