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space design

Pursuing the possibilities of design in order to reflect the customer's request in the design drawing and embody the image

We will deliver a space that exceeds the ideals of the requested customer.

When engaging in store design, we do not focus only on appearance, but we can provide customers with joy by creating an environment that suits their purpose and creating a space that stimulates the five senses that has never been seen before.

I am passionate about it every day.

​System   Written

Not only store renovation work and store renovation work such as unoccupied properties

We also produce original furniture that matches the space.

With existing concepts and existing products, in order to draw the owner's image more clearly and carefully

Since we may not be able to handle it, it may be necessary to produce furniture and lighting accordingly.
The atmosphere that can only be felt in this space, something that can only be found in this store, is

It is created for the first time from the accumulation of attention to detail.


For those who have not yet decided on a concrete plan, or for those who have only a vague image

Please feel free to contact us.

We will assemble concepts and images together from the seeds of ideas whose outlines are not yet clear.

We will support you to visualize and realize your ideal.

We also take responsibility for property selection and cost control.
Not only to be a fashionable store, but also to realize a store that will satisfy the owners

I will serve as a management supervisor.


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